Storytelling for Universities

Every good university/college has a story. Whether you’re connecting with prospective students, alumni, or the media, we show what makes your university great through writing and reporting features, profiles, and news stories for the Web or magazines.

Debbi’s written and reported for Boston College Carroll School of Management, Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, Stanford University, NC State News Services, Thunderbird School of Global Management and Arizona State University. She’s also reported on business education for the Financial Times of London and the Economist. Work samples follow:

Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business

Ripe for Change (Why Sidelining Women Hurts the Bottom Line) 

Rebuilding a Rebounding City (Out of the Office)

Lyenda Delp profile (Follow the Leader)

Arizona State University – The National Center for Business Journalism

Punctuation tips for business communicators 

Oyster season basics for business reporters

Sustainable fashion – How to report on a growing industry

More blogs by Debbi live here

NC State University – The Bulletin

Polar Plunge – A first person essay

Championing the sweet potato

Racing to stop the cankerworm


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